Partition Contractor Singapore Price 2024

Partition Contractor Singapore Price 2024

Renovation is not just a clean-up job, there is a lot of planning and execution to make your space better from every aspect. One of the best ways to optimize your space is to use a drywall partition in Singapore.

There are a lot of queries regarding drywall partition and we want to clear the air.

Cost of Commercial Renovation is written here.

Singapore Drywall Partition Installation Service Price

  • Regular drywall partition installation price – starts from S$3.40 per square foot
  • Regular ceiling partition installation price – starts from S$3.00 per square foot

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Why need a drywall partition in Singapore?

A drywall partition is basically a material made of gypsum, that sets quickly and can be used as a wall within the office. It’s also pretty helpful in segregating spaces that weren’t already there and can be done quickly and cheaply.

Here are the benefits of a drywall partition

Easy Installation

Installing drywall is a much quicker process than installing plaster. Plaster takes time to set and is heavy. Installing drywall takes much lesser time and also the labour required isn’t much. Drywall has three layers and it’s more fireproof compared to plaster.

Partition your Singapore offices smartly

In Singapore, a lot of the leased spaces have large office spaces that don’t have walls and if you want to create partitions then it becomes hard. Separate cabins are required for the higher-ups and private spaces are needed to give some space to employees. Using drywall is the best way to partition your office spaces.

From private cabins to cubicles for employees, drywall is the perfect partitioning tool.

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Have a private area for Pantry and Rest

Employees need their privacy when they are eating food and sitting in the cafeteria. If you have an open space, it’s difficult to put a cafeteria in place and many employees resort to going out of the office and end up spending a lot of time outside the office.

Multiple Use Cases

There are multiple use cases for drywall partitioning. A few examples are below


If you want to create a private storeroom to keep some important office stuff, you don’t have to fret, as you can easily create a drywall partitioning and put a door in place and have yourself a storeroom.

Customer sitting area and employee sitting area

In some cases, when the office space is too small, it’s awkward to have employees working where the customers wait. This way a simple wall partitioning can be created with drywall to segregate the space.

Segregating one part of the office from the other part

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A lot of times, there are numerous teams who work with each other and in an open office setup, there can be no privacy at all. So separating various teams are important for the sanctity of the office.

Private cabins

CEO’s and heads need separate cabins for their own privacy. And in an open office space, this isn’t feasible. With a simple drywall partition, you can create cabins that are separated from the rest of the office.

Private pantry area

Similar to a private cabin, many offices have coffee counters out in the open, where employees can get their own cups of coffee, but they have nowhere to sit, except their own desks. Taking a break is about getting away from desks and not thinking about work. This way, to build employee morale, you can build a cafeteria space using drywalls and having a few chairs and tables in a place that gives privacy and a separate place to sit as well.


Pros and Cons of Installing Partitions

Advantages of Drywall Partitions

  • Easy to set-up, easy to install.
  • Less time consumed and less labour required compared to plaster
  • Can be made in any desired shape and size and it’s totally customizable
  • Can be used for a multitude of requirements
  • Cheaper than plaster

Disadvantages of Drywall

  • It’s not very sound proof and if you are looking for total privacy, drywall shouldn’t be the choice
  • Cannot hang heavy things on the wall as it can’t support heavy objects. Frames and art are fine.
  • It’s prone to breakage by accident if somebody falls on the wall or something sharp is pushed on to the wall, it can chip

Getting Expert Drywall Partition Contractor Singapore

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  • Through and clean job. All the materials and debris, post-installation are removed by the team of professionals

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