Commercial & Industrial Aircon Services in Singapore 2024

Commercial & Industrial Aircon Services in Singapore 2024

Because of the hot weather in Singapore, air conditioning units have invaded all households and establishments around the country. If you are wondering what aircon services are available, Get Contractor is here to help you out!

You can achieve that nice, fresh, and comfortable working environment through the proper care and installation of your air conditioning units.

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Commercial Aircon Servicing and Installation in Singapore

If you are looking for a credible air conditioning contractor that you can rely on high-quality and excellent craftsmanship, Get contractor should be your choice.

We have professional air conditioning installers that can deliver quality work in installing your air conditioning systems. One crucial thing about commercial air conditioning is the area. Commercial establishments have relatively more significant areas of installation than residential homes.

Bringing you the best air conditioning installation service in Singapore, you can never go wrong with Get Contractor. We can offer you the installation of the most common types of airconditioning units. From split types to ceiling types, our installation is conducted under professional standards. Plus, you get to have an excellent warranty for this installation.

Here are some of our services

Office Aircon Maintenance Singapore Services

Commercial air conditioning is harder to maintain than residential air conditioning. It is vital to have your units maintained to save energy costs, give your air conditioning units a longer life span, and detect any problems before they can even affect your business.

In Get Contractors, you can have on-call maintenance to have our team check your units asap, or opt to have routine maintenance, so you are sure about your units working soundly.

During an aircon maintenance session, you can expect our professional technicians to:

  • Inspect and maintain system components
  • Verify proper refrigerant levels
  • Conduct a diagnostics check
  • Identify any ductwork leaks and resolve it
  • Prevent unexpected damage and repair

Office and Industrial Aircon Cleaning Singapore Services

If you need some cleaning for your cooling units, professional cleaning is your choice. At Get Contractor, a team of trusted aircon professionals can provide you thorough cleaning. We have two choices of cleaning methods for you!

  • Chemical Treatment
industrial aircon servicing

If you haven’t had your air conditioning system checked, and you think dirt has occupied your units, chemical treatment service is best for you. Chemical treatment service can remove the toughest grimes on your air conditioning unit to make it good as new.

Regular aircon cleaning may not get all the stains and dirt away. Having your old air conditioning units, chemically washed rather than purchasing a new unit, can be more economical.

Our chemical formulation ensures that your airconditioning unit will be thoroughly cleaned, especially from the inside.

  • Overhaul Treatment
industrial aircon servicing singapore

Aside from chemical cleaning, we also have the overhaul treatment for your cooling systems. This cleaning method would require a dismantling of the parts. There is nothing to worry about this kind of cleaning as it is very safe than other cleaning methods.

The overhaul treatment also uses aircon-safe chemicals that do not corrode or rust the parts of your cooling system.

Industrial and Commercial Aircon Repair Singapore Services

aircon repair for industrial singapore

If you notice some problems in your air conditioning units, it is best to have them checked and repaired before it can cause any issues with your business. Here is the list of the most common commercial air conditioner problems that need to be repaired immediately:

  • Leaking Refrigerant
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Poor Air Balance
  • Clogged Drain Lines

These problems can cause discomfort to your employees or customers. If left unrepaired, this can also entirely damage your cooling system. With our highly-trained staff, you can be sure that any air conditioning problem can be resolved right away.

Benefits of Having Regular Aircon Servicing for Commercial

industrial aircon price

Aircon maintenance, repair, and treatment can help you have the utmost care not only for your cooling system but also for your business. If you are not yet convinced about the advantages of aircon services that we offer, here are some benefits that might talk you through:

Better Energy Efficiency

Your cooling system will operate at its optimum performance through regular aircon servicing. Your air conditioning units will consume less energy because of its better efficiency. These all mean lower electricity bills in the future!

Longer Life Span

Neglecting the needs of your cooling system can lead to faster deterioration and the need to re-install new air conditioning units. The routinary checking, maintenance, cleaning, and repair can help your units have a longer life span. Through aircon servicing, even small issues can be fixed immediately to prevent any damage.

Cleaner and Fresher Air

Aside from cold and fresh air that air conditioners provide you and your employees, serviced air conditioners also emit cleaner air. Your cooling systems would have clean filters and other parts that would prevent the spread of bacteria, molds, and mildew. Indoor air quality is essential to maintain your employees’ and customers’ respiratory health.

Signs That Your Air Conditioning Units Needs Servicing

If you notice one or more of these signs, it is vital to call your trusted airconditioning contractor, Get contractor, in the most immediate time possible.

  • Strange noises coming out of your units
  • Poor cooling performance
  • Sudden shutting down
  • Units emitting a bad odor
  • Higher electricity bill
  • Very dusty old air conditioning units

These signs may be unnoticeable sometimes, but regular checking can help you find these culprits. Have regular servicing with Get Contractor, so you won’t need to worry about these anymore and let our professional technicians do the job for you!

How Often Should You Get Air Conditioning Services for your Singapore Offices?

Of course, aside from air conditioner installation, you would have to get a hold of your contractor for other air conditioning services. The question is, how often should you have maintenance, cleaning, and inspection services for your cooling system?

In using a commercial cooling system, we anticipate that your units are used every single day, and this entails having an air conditioning servicing for at least every two months. This frequency of servicing will ensure the utmost care and optimal performance for your commercial air conditioning system.

Otherwise, if every two months may seem pretty costly for you, quarterly checking and servicing will also do good for your cooling system. The most important thing is your system is maintained by your trusted Get Contractor.

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