Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore | Reinstatement Cost Quote 2024

Office Reinstatement Contractor Singapore | Reinstatement Cost Quote 2024

Office reinstatement Singapore: When you renew your lease, it means that you agree to continue the lease contract with the landlord. The landlord is at liberty to increase the rent and you have to pay the increased amount. Office reinstatement Singapore is done before the expiry of the lease contract. Office Reinstatement is when the tenant decides to continue the contract with the landlord.

Every once in a while, there is a requirement to leave your office space because of a lapsed lease or because you are moving to someplace new. Reinstating your space is one of the important tasks you can perform for your properties once you hand over.

Provision of Reinstatement Cost in Singapore

If you are looking for the best reinstatement contractor Singapore, then you are in the right place. Get Contractor has the MOST COMPETITIVE rate of reinstatement services in Singapore.

We are bizSAFE Level 3 and GB2 Builder Licensed.


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Reinstatement Work in Singapore by Get Contractor

We do

  1. Offices Spaces
  2. Retail Properties (shops, F&B, supermarkets)
  3. Industrial Properties
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Reinstatement can mean many things. They involve simple tasks such as removal of curtains and laborious tasks such as breaking down of walls. In most contracts in Singapore, the reinstatement clause states the place of the lease should be the same as it was prior to the lease. This can mean many different things and you will have to clarify this with your landlord.

But if you want to know what entails a reinstatement job, here are the most common reinstatement works that are conducted in Singapore.

Structural Reinstatement : This is breaking down of walls, false ceilings and other components that were not part of the original building.

Flooring Reinstatement: Sometimes the flooring has to be removed and in some cases, it’s the layers such as the carpets and in other cases, it’s the tiles and core flooring which may be cement or vinyl.

Removal of Electrical Components: Electrical wiring is the core of an office set-up and removal of electrical wires, power sockets and more are integral.

Removal of Fixtures: If you are moving to a new office, you will need to take with you the air conditioning, fans, lighting and more. These fixtures include work desks, cubicles, and other office fixtures. On top of that, easily removable fixtures such as blinds, curtains, windows and doors are also part of the reinstatement service.

Painting the walls: Some reinstatement clauses mention that the colour of the walls should be the one that was there before the lease began.

Demolition of walls: If you have other walls that were being erected, we are able to hack this down in a most timely manner

Special Arrangements: Taking care of hoarding, cleaning and insurance

Taking care of: Damages for existing electrical works, doors, windows, fire rated compartment wall or spray, fire sprinkle and roller shutter

Office Reinstatement Singapore

A lot can happen in the volatile post-COVID economy, and while some businesses are popping up left and right to seize new economic opportunities, there are also a handful that have had to close up shop to move on to new endeavors, or try again with renewed vigor.

Whatever the case, whether you’re moving to a bigger office or down to a smaller one, or if you own property that needs some work, one of the best ways to go about it is to have your place reinstated to drive its value up or help you secure that full deposit.

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Do You Need Reinstatement Services in Singapore?

In Singapore, most lease agreements come with a reinstatement clause, usually one that obligates the tenant. At the start of most lease contracts, the norm in Singapore is that the tenant agrees to ‘reinstate’ the property at the end of the term, or restore it back to its original condition from the start of occupation. As such, office reinstatement services are very popular and all too necessary in Singapore.

Office Reinstatement Services – What We Offer

Due to the commonplace nature of reinstatement clauses in most office lease agreements in Singapore, there is always a need for office reinstatement services.  If you need a reinstatement project done professionally, then no doubt you’re looking for the best the island has to offer. For us, that means taking a precise, strategic approach, backed by the highest standards of safety and efficiency. There are plenty of office reinstatement and renovation services out there, but if you want quality, efficiency, and affordability rolled into one, then we have what you’re looking for.

We are a top Office Reinstatement Service operating in Singapore, and we’re committed to providing Singaporean tenants with convenient, effective, and reliable services for any and all of their reinstatement needs. Here’s what we have to offer:

Highest Professional Standards

When it comes to office reinstatement, there are lots of dangers and pitfalls. When done poorly, an office reinstatement job can lead to health hazards, damage to property, legal repercussions, and most of all, wasted time, money, and effort. At our Office Reinstatement Services, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of the industry – we take every precaution and every professional measure to make sure that our work is always up to scruff.

Transparency at Every Step

From the moment you reach out for inquiries and quotes, to long after we’ve completed our work, we guarantee transparency and honest at every step of the office reinstatement process. Unlike other service providers that may entice you with low prices, only to shock you with hidden fees and charges later on, our Office Reinstatement Services take pride in our honesty and integrity. Post-evaluation, we’ll provide you with an estimated cost for your project, and you won’t be charged for anything additional without your express approval. 

Highly-Trained, Experienced Professionals

Office Reinstatement involves a lot of technical expertise and know-how, but fortunately, our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals always know what to do. Office reinstatement involves demolition and dismantling of everything from furniture and carpentry to electrical work and pipelines. No matter the case, our multi-disciplined reinstatement professionals can handle whatever comes in the way of your reinstatement project.

Affordable Pricing

When you hire our Office Reinstatement Services, you’ll find that not only are our costs clear and transparent, but we also offer our services at highly competitive prices. We manage this through effective management of our supply chain, but all that means to you is that you’re paying less for the best service quality you can find in Singapore.

Dedicated Customer Service

If you come across any problems or questions throughout any step of our service provision, our customer service team is ready to help troubleshoot and resolve your concerns.

Our Office Reinstatement Services:

Consider our office reinstatement services for your next project. Here’s what we do:

Office Hacking

Since most reinstatement services typically aren’t given too much elbow room in terms of time, our Office Reinstatement services includes professional office hacking. Using skillful techniques, modern methods, and a systematic, strategic approach, our hacking specialists are capable of all kinds of hands-on demolition – a solid first step in reinstating your office space to its original state.

Office Dismantling

If your office reinstatement project needs something a little heavier-duty, we also offer complete office dismantling – a lengthy, complicated process that lets us take apart your office but lets you keep the fixtures and other resources that you want for reinstallation in your new office. At our Office Reinstatement Services, office dismantling involves thorough examination that lets us take the proper measures to ensure the safety of you and your property, followed by a thorough dismantling of anything in the office that is salvageable, recyclable, disposable, or that may be repurposed. 

Office Reinstatement Disposal

Over the course of many office reinstatement projects, clients are often left with big problems like junk, debris, and other waste materials that need to be effectively, efficiently, and professionally disposed of. Our Office Reinstatement Services have been dealing with junk and debris for years, so we know exactly how to make sure that any and all junk and other materials that don’t belong are disposed of properly.

Hiring Reinstatement Contractor Singapore

We do office reinstatement in offices that are over 20 years old. This is because some of the building code changes came in over the last decade.

This can be for a new fit out, or upgrading your building to a new “green” building standard. We have a wide variety of experience in the construction industry that allows us to work with all building authorities and compliance officers to get your licence approved. If the project is not time critical, we can help you obtain a building permit prior to commencing your project to ensure that you get all the benefits of your project fast and painless.

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Many companies bear the brunt of a lawsuit when they don’t read the reinstatement clause provided in their lease. Not all offices require a reinstatement, as some of them might require just removal of items and things.

Our expert contractors will help you figure out if you need reinstatement or removal.

As you’ve seen above, Reinstatement services involve ripping apart the entire office down to its bone.

But office reinstatement is no easy task. You’ll need an expert to handle the tasks. At Get Contractor, we have the following principles.

Highly Skilled Contractor based in Singapore

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At Get Contractor, we believe in one thing and that is working only with highly-skilled professionals. Highly skilled workers will be able to do a job in one hour that takes others two. Top-skilled workers also do a good job that is efficient, clean and causes no problems in the future.

Enough Manpower to Do Fast Handover

For a fast reinstatement job, a contractor should have enough manpower. This means if there is a team working on the flooring, there should be another team working on the wiring. This ensures that the work is done quickly and isn’t prolonged.

Understanding of construction and building standards


Reinstatement is not about destroying walls and ripping apart wires. It’s much more than that.

Good contractors with only a deep knowledge of construction and building standards should perform a reinstatement job as it shouldn’t affect the structural integrity of the building.

We are bizSAFE 3 certified.

Reinstatement Cost in Singapore

Time = Money. Here our team can do at a fast speed hence saving you money.

Reinstatement Cost quotation in Singapore

It is a MUST to reinstate back to original. Most Singapore tenants are obliged to the rental lease agreement.

office reinstatement quotation singapore

A Reinstatement project is an operation with many variables and therefore it’s difficult to put a cost on the service. But the costing depends on the following factors

Size of the office space

As most reinstatement services charge per square feet

Types of Work that is performed

If there is no flooring work or removal of walls, then the price comes down drastically. But generally, the heavy lifting work adds to the cost

The Time Required

Another factor is time. If you want the work to be done super quickly, then it will cost a lot more.

Reinstatement Cost Quotation Singapore

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On average, it costs about S$10 to S$20 per sq ft (S$100 -S$200 per sqm) to reinstate the whole office premises to its original condition.

There are a lot of variables when comes to reinstatement works.

  1. Consultancy fee
  2. Submission fee
  3. Insurance fee
  4. Types of Demolition work (Removing carpets, dismantle existing partition, hack wall and floor tiles, removing toilets etc)
  5. Masonary work
  6. Electrical work
  7. Painting work

Time is an important factor. If you need it fast, we need more workers and thus reinstatement quote will be higher.

On average reinstatement cost 1k – 20k SGD.


Get Contractor works with the best contractors on the job whether it’s electrical repair or renovation. If you are looking for a top-class reinstatement specialist, then look no further than us!

  • We have the best reinstatement specialists on hand
  • Highly skilled and highly trained workforce
  • Certified according to law
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Great after work service

We are bizSAFE Level 3 and GB2 Builder Licensed.


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