Office Carpentry Works Singapore

Office Carpentry Works Singapore

One of the most underrated aspects of an office space that can affect the morale of the office is furniture. The right style of office table and the perfect desks can aid collaboration.

A carpenter’s job is to carve wood in a suitable shape and size. A good carpenter’s job is to carve wood that is the right size, shape and looks beautiful.

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Carpentry Works

A great carpenter’s job covers all the three above and on top of that, figure out the function of the food and design it accordingly.

For example, for a team of six people, a round table is more collaborative than a square table, which puts distance between people.

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Custom Design your Office Furniture

If you don’t like the furniture that is available in retail stores, then you share one thing in common with us. If you need to do something right, you need to do it yourself. We offer custom design services for your office furniture. We make every product under the sun, a carpenter can touch. Below are a list of products we make and the best suggestions.

So where all is carpentry required in an office space?

  • Work Desks
  • Conference Tables
  • Cafeteria Cabinets
  • Storage Units
  • Reception Desk
  • Cafeteria Tables

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Work Desks

Work desks are super important as employees use it every single day. You might wonder, what’s there in an office work desk. The answer is, office desks are super important for work productivity. The edges shouldn’t be too sharp that it hurts when the employee place their hands. The size of the desk should also be sufficient enough for an employee without it affecting the space in the office. There is art to making work desks that are the perfect size and shape.

Features of a good work desk :

  • Standing or sitting work desk
  • Drawers under the desk with lock facilities

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Conference Tables

Conference tables are where ideas are born. It’s a collaborative setting where a bunch of people sit together and come up with solutions for the business. A conference table’s significance is the size. It should be long enough to sit at least 15 to 20 people.

Generally, the top of the conference tables is made of plywood, while the legs are made of other types of wood. Conference tables also have grooves within them for the wiring to go through and also a groove for a projector.

The quality of the wood on a conference table should be premium. A conference room is also made up of numerous wooden items, such as the chairs and boards. A wooden finish in the conference room gives a premium look.

Features of a good conference table

  • Long and sturdy
  • Grooves for wiring and projector
  • Can seat 15 to 20 people

Office Cabinets

A Cafeteria is a place where a lot of the employees come and take a break. A cafeteria by design should look different compared to the rest of the office. This is why it’s very important to create a cafeteria with a lot of space. And the best way to save space is to use cabinets!

Cabinets made of wood can accommodate a lot of items such as cutlery, food products, and other utensils. Cafeteria cabinets should be designed in such a way, the items are easy to access and at the same time, it’s enough to accommodate a lot of items.

Features of a good Cafeteria Cabinet

  • Large and wide, placed on the wall
  • Multiple provisions to accommodate many products
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Storage Units

Every business needs to store files, folders and numerous other paperwork. Storage units take up a lot of space that can be used for other things or making the office look more spacious. Making storage units, custom to your requirements is possible. This is why a business shouldn’t buy a ready-made storage unit and should custom make storage units that fit their needs.

Some businesses don’t have a lot of paperwork and don’t need storage units for that. Some businesses have a lot of hardware and may need customized storage units. Depending on your requirement, we are here to deliver.

Features of a good storage unit

  • Custom designed based on a business’ requirement
  • Takes up less space

Reception Desk

Reception desks are the first things customers see when they enter your office. It needs to be big, beautiful and should have a space for a computer and multiple drawers for the receptionist. A good reception desk also has the company branding in front to showcase your brand in big and bold letters.

Getting a reception desk customized to the size you require is very important as ready-made reception desks can be too big and too unwieldy.

Features of a good reception desk

  • Is customized
  • Showcases the brand
  • Has enough storage to have computers and other peripherals

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Pantry Furnishings

Tables at the cafeteria should be designed in a smart way to accommodate as many employees as possible. Depending on the size and shape of your cafeteria, we suggest the right table for you. Will square be good or circular be good? We’ll help you decide.

Cafeteria tables should be designed to be collaborative, as this is where employees get together and have a conversation.

Those above are the furnishings of the office that are important to design well. Carpentry is not only about making things beautiful, but it’s making sure it helps people work better.

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