Office Furnishings Singapore

Office Furnishings Singapore

A big office can accommodate a lot of people, but what makes an office comfortable for the employees is the furnishings. Good comfortable chairs, nice desks and so on. Get Contractor has an amazing collection of office furnishings that can enthral your employees.

Qualities of good furnishing

Good furnishing does more than just basic functions. It can inspire, engage and get the best of your employees.

Style and Aesthetics

Every employee wants to work in a beautiful organization. People think superficialities like design and aesthetics aren’t important, but it’s very important for employee morale. Beautiful furnishings can lift the mood of the employees.


This goes without saying. Comfort is the primary factor for furnishings. Employees need to feel at home, even when they are at work. Without comfortable furnishings, there is no productivity. If all your furnishings focuses on making your employees feel comfortable, then you have a happy office. Comfort can mean literal comfort, or good privacy or ergonomically good products.

More Space

Good furnishings also improve the space in the office with good designs. If you are able to take good advantage of unusable spaces and fill it with storage, then you can improve the space in the office.

Storage Capabilities

Good storage can make a smaller office look very big. The biggest unused real estate in offices are the walls. If walls are covered with storage cabinets, then more space can be saved.

office partition furnishings


Furnishings every office needs

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Storage Units
  • Lockers
  • Shelves
  • Reception Desks
  • Conference Tables

Chairs – Comfortable and Ergonomic

If you’ve sat on a non-ergonomic chair, then you’ll know how difficult it is to sit for long periods of time in one single place. Chairs are the backbone of an organization. Better the chairs, happier the employees. Get the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs from Get Contractor.

A good ergonomic chair can not only increase productivity but will also protect your employee’ spine, which is good for their overall health.


Desks are the base of any office, that is where the laptops and desktops are kept. Many modern-day offices rely on standing desks to improve the employee’s health and productivity.

Desks are important not only as bases for employees but even as space consumers. If you have desks or cubicles too big, then you won’t have enough space when the company grows.

Getting good desks are vital to the happiness of your employees.

Storage Units

These are generally large cabinets that take up immense space, but modern day furnishings keep in mind minimalism and the use of lesser space. So these days long cabinets, that are thin are available, that takes a only a bit of width and can be placed along the wall.

There are many more types of storage units that one can use in the office to save space.


Every employee needs to have a personal space of their own in the office and that’s what are lockers are for. Lockers are generally placed below the cubicles so that each employee can keep their private belongings.


Modern-day offices rarely have shelves, but they are an amazing storage space especially for offices that have an open office setup. In setups such as these, it’s not possible to keep storage under the tables. This way shelves can come in and align the walls and give ample storage for employees.

Shelves are an underrated storage unit in an office.

Reception Desks

Reception desks are the first piece of furnishing anybody sees when they enter an office. It has to be magnanimous, beautiful and should have the company’s logo. It should also have enough space to store some items, and place a desktop computer and so on.

Buying a top-quality reception desk is paramount to make a first great impression.

Conference Tables

Every office needs a big conference table. Cubicles are not the place for big ideas and conference tables offer the perfect opportunity for a collaborative environment. Getting a good conference table is very important that can seat a lot of people and also that has provisions for cables to come in and out of the table without losing aesthetics.

Conference tables are generally made of premium wood.

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