Demolition Contractor Singapore Price 2024

Demolition Contractor Singapore Price 2024

Demolition is probably the quickest way to breakdown a building that doesn’t need to be salvaged. But before we get to the best demolition contractor in Singapore and how to hire them, let’s get to whether demolition is required for a job and the process involved in demolition.

Hiring a demolition contractor in Singapore doesn’t have to be a hassle as most of the demolition contractors are BCA approved. It requires writing exams and getting certifications to become a BCA approved demolition contractor.


Demolition Cost in Singapore

The average cost of demolition in Singapore is around $20,000 to $25,000. This does not include the cost of insurance, which is required for a demolition job. This amount is an approximate range and it ultimately depends on the size of the property and the duration of the project.

Hacking a wall is also one type of demolition and it costs about $900 to hack a wall in a HDB or an apartment.

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Why should a building or room be demolished?

There are numerous reasons why a building needs to be demolished, but here are the most common reasons why a building is demolished.

Make more space : A lot of older buildings were made when Singapore’s growth hadn’t peaked. Now there are space requirements which means taller buildings with more space can be built and that is why a lot of building owners take the call to demolish their old buildings to make more space.

Upgraded safety laws : A lot of older buildings in Singapore do not follow the latest housing rules and regulations and they need to be demolished to be able to create an apartment or building that is more suitable to the latest safety laws

How long does it take to demolish a building?

Demolishing a building has various stages. But generally it could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days or a year. It depends on the size of the building, the objectives of demolishing, the nearby surrounding areas and other procedures.

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Demolishing vs Dismantling vs Hacking

There are quite a few differences between these three processes and let’s get to the differences.


Demolishing is the process of using explosives to bring a building to the ground so that new construction can start. In a demolition, the end result is razing a building to the ground. In a demolition, only a few things are salvaged and not everything is salvaged. It’s the quickest way to raze a building.

Very tall buildings cannot be demolished with explosives or a wrecking ball and are hacked, floor by floor.

Demolition is a lot riskier and requires a lot of safety precautions before getting started.


Dismantling is the act of removing parts of the building, piece by piece. It’s basically removing the different fixtures in a building for salvaging purposes. Dismantling is a very time consuming process, but a lot of the materials salvaged can be reused and resold and that is the point of a dismantle.

There are quite a few dismantle contractors in Singapore who specialize in this. A building cannot be brought down by dismantling, but it can be stripped off the valuable things.


The most popular method of bringing a building down in a safe manner is hacking. Hacking is the process of using equipment to break down walls. A building can be brought down by hacking. A team of experts hack down the building floor by floor, until all the floors are broken down. This is a safe way of bringing a building down.

The Rochor building was hacked down and the process took about 10 months. It is time consuming compared to demolitions, but it’s a lot safer!

Steps of Demolition in Singapore

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There are various steps to a site demolition and here they are.

  • Safeguarding the site and getting the permissions

The first step in demolition is to protect the site and ensure that the neighbours are informed and also the government agencies are informed and all the licenses are procured. This is a very important step before the demolition process. The noise levels really go up during a demolition job and there need to be special barricades that muffle the sound, if possible.

  • Preparatory dismantling

A few items are salvaged during a demolition job and for that some dismantling work is carried out. Such as cabinets, shelves, tiles and other items that can be reused. This takes a considerable amount of time, if the building is tall.

  • Installing explosives

Installing explosives is one of the most important aspects of a demolition and it requires experts to place it in strategic areas where a controlled demolition can bring down the entire building in one fell swoop.

  • Explosion

The explosion itself is highly controlled and brings the building down in a linear fashion.

  • Material handling

After the controlled explosion, the debris is segregated and cleared off properly in NEA approved areas.

  • Material recycling

After that the materials that can be reused are collected and sent to centers where they are recycled.