Office Electrical Works Singapore

Office Electrical Works Singapore

An office without electricity is a car without wheels. An office should have a good electrical system in place that doesn’t go bust quickly and that doesn’t cause too much trouble in the long-run. If you want a good functioning office, then you need to invest in a strong electrical system early on.

So what are the various electrical services offered by Get Contractor?

Singapore Office Electrical Services Offered

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Installation of switchboards, switches and power points
  • Installation of electrical fixtures – Air-conditioners, fans, lights etc
  • Electrical reinstatement or removal
  • Addressing electrical problems
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Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring isn’t a simple concept. There are types of electrical wiring and as an end customer, you should know what you’re dealing with. The two types of electrical wiring are Conduit and Surface.

Let’s talk about Surface, first. Surface wiring as the name suggests, the electrical work is outside the walls. This doesn’t mean your office will look shabby, all the wires are huddled together and put under a plastic shell that also keeps them in place and makes the entire wiring installation look neat.

Conduit Wiring is the opposite of surface wiring. All the wires required for the smooth running of electricity are behind the wall and does not disturb the decor of your office. As you might have guessed, this is more expensive than surface wiring, but also adds to the aesthetics.

Installation of Switchboards, Switches and PowerPoints

One of the most important components of office setup is the switchboards, switches and powerpoints. These are fundamentally different from a house. In a house, the switches and powerpoints are on the walls, as that is where the furniture and other seating furnishings are.

In an office it’s different. Every cubicle or every table should have the power points underneath it, giving easy access to the employees. It shouldn’t be too further back, that it’s hard to plug-in.

While thinking of the switchboard and switches in an office, one needs to be cognizant of the placement. It should be easily accessible and central so that one side doesn’t have to go through a long walk to access some lights and lighting.

Our expert electricians can take the best decisions for electrical switchboard placement just by looking at your office layout.

Installation of Electrical Fixtures – Airconditioners, fans, lights etc

An office without fixtures would be a bad place to work in. Fixtures such as air conditioning, fans and lighting are super important for the functioning of an office.

Many companies in the name of cost cutting, hire the cheapest electrical contractors to work on their fixtures. But what they don’t realize is, cheap is not always good and it has disastrous effects in the future.

If you have air conditioning equipment that is wired poorly, then the chances of it short-circuiting or frying the internals of your device are high. The same applies to other appliances in the office. How often do you want to change the lighting? As less as possible.

This is why make sure to work with a solid contractor when you want your fixtures installed as it can save a lot of your time and money in the future.

Electrical reinstatement or removal

If you’ve outgrown your current office, that means your business has improved. This is good news, but this also comes with its own responsibilities. Who will remove the fixtures and wiring in the old office? It’s all up to you. This is where Get Contractor comes in. We do services such as electrical reinstatement or removal services. If you want to remove your electrical appliances from the old office and install it in the new office, then we can get it done for you.

A few electricians know that a company is in desperate need and hence charge an exorbitant amount while reinstating. With Get Contractor, you get honest and market-fair quotes.

Electrical Troubleshooting

No matter what wiring you do or things you set-up correctly, time always has a way to stop things from working. From time to time, you will notice a socket not working or a plug point that is faulty or a socket that has too much power and so on. You will need a reliable contractor to work on your constant electrical work needs. This means you’ll need a service who comes in, every once in a while to check and see, if your electrical components, wiring and sockets are working properly.

The Get Contractor Guarantee

Safety and Quality

The first step to any electrical work is safe and that is instilled in every electrical contractor that we provide. This means, we ensure and make multiple checks to make sure all the components and electrical systems will keep you safe.


Not anybody can work on electrical wirings and fittings. It is important to hire only a qualified electrical contractor, otherwise, it is breaking the law. All of our contractors are extremely qualified and have the necessary certifications.

Get an electrical contractor to work on your office today!

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