Clinic and Salon Renovation Contractor Cost 2024

Clinic and Salon Renovation Contractor Cost 2024

Looking for a full cost breakdown in Clinic and Salon renovation in Singapore? A clinic/salon renovation job is one of the most important tasks one can undertake to improve their facility and make it a money making business while keeping the patients happy.

The break down of cost of clinic and salon renovation in Singapore are as follow

Electrical Services

Interior/Exterior Painting Services

Carpentry Services

Partition Services

Flooring Services

Interior Design Services

Hacking/Disposal/Dismantle Services

Full Cost of Shop Renovation is written here.

Renovating your Clinic in Singapore

Renovating your clinic in Singapore has numerous benefits that might at the outset not seem like much, but in the long-term, it improves your business and the happiness scale of your patients. Here are a few salient points.

Better Space Management

Clinics are normally crowded places. There is very little sitting area and some clinics have no privacy at all. If you want to increase your customer base, then you need to create a big waiting area and private areas for doctors to meet patients.

If you have a large waiting area, more patients can come in and wait their turn. If your clinic gets the reputation of always being crowded, then your customers might find some other place to go. Having a token system with ample place can improve the revenue of your clinic.

Ambience and Premium Pricing

You might wonder, what ambience is required in a clinic? It’s not a restaurant. It isn’t, it’s something even more important. As people come in with ailments, they are weak, tired and depresses and having a lively ambience is paramount to keep them in good spirits.

If your lighting is dim and all the fixtures look old, then your patients also feel down. When they come to the clinic, they should be able to feel the vibrancy and feel immediately better.

The ambience also affects pricing. If your clinic looks old and dilapidated, then customers will not be willing to pay top dollar for your consultation. For example, if you run a skin clinic or a beauty treatment clinic, people want the best services. They are willing to pay big money for the services. But if your ambience looks old and dusty, they won’t feel like they are in the right place.


Old fittings, fixtures, tables and flooring are more prone to dust and germs and bacteria. This happens when fixtures get old. Running a clinic, hygiene and safety are the most important factors. If your clinic is very old, then you need to consider a renovation only for the safety of your patients.

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Renovating your Beauty Salon in Singapore

Salon businesses have been one of the best to grow in Singapore in recent years, but the increase in rental costs has made many owners think twice about this business. At Get Contractor, we believe, we need to do more with less and if you are thinking of salon renovation in Singapore, then we can help you with this.

But first – Why salon renovation?

Increases business

People pay top dollar, only when they feel, they are getting a premium experience. A lot of business owners think they need to install expensive equipment to give the premium feel. This isn’t true. A premium feel can be instilled with good lighting, smart materials on the wall and a great space. A salon that looks good and makes the user feel comfortable, makes more money.

This is a business of vanity. If your business looks good, then you can make your users feel good. A good renovation can increase your sales in the salon business.

Improves customer flow and also employee flow

How many times, have you seen a customer peep into your store and they leave because they think it’s crowded. This is the number one way of losing customers and this can be changed with a good renovation set-up. A beautiful waiting area that is inviting can be created to ensure no customer is lost.

A good renovation can also improve the movement of employees within the store. At a salon, a stylist is moving here and there and is taking various items such as hair dryers and gels and more. This movement can be made easier with a solid design.

Better planning of space

One of the biggest constraints of the salon business is space. You need to do more with less. What if your space isn’t utilized well? What if you can have two more seats in your store? Our contractors have a clear look at your set-up and see what they can do to improve the space and use it an optimum manner to increase revenue.

The planning of space is also important from a structural standpoint. Your showers need to be placed near water sources, your hair cutting seats should have a bin or disposal unit close to them to ensure, hair is cleaned immediately and disposed of. A clean and efficient salon can be created with good design and renovation.


The truth of the matter is, people, look good in some lighting compared to others. This is why lighting is very important for a salon. Warm lighting can make a person look good and make your salon a big success among clients!

Why Get Contractor

Get Contractor is one of the best renovation services professionals in Singapore. Our contractors are not only skilled and trained but also certified and they have a clear idea of what to do with your space. They give tips and suggestions on using your beauty salon and clinic’s space.

  • At Get Contractor we have the best salon renovation experts who understand the business through and through and know what is required in a store
  • Our contractors are heavily trained and their skillsets are unmatched. They follow all the building policies and governmental policies with regards to renovation
  • Our contractors are quick and make sure your downtime is restricted to the smallest time possible, so you can begin your new salon and clinic journey as soon as possible

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