Small Retail Shop Renovation Contractor Cost Singapore 2024

Small Retail Shop Renovation Contractor Cost Singapore 2024

The cost of renovating a small retail shop in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as the size of the shop, the scope of the renovation, and the specific requirements of the project. However, as a rough estimate, the cost of renovating a small retail shop in Singapore can range from SGD $20,000 to SGD $50,000.

This cost may include expenses for materials, labor, permits, and any additional services required for the renovation. It is recommended to consult with a renovation contractor to get a more accurate quote based on the specific needs of the project.

If you have a retail shop, you need to do your best to stand out. Generally, in retail, shop owners, renovate their stores once in every 3 years. This is the ensure that the store looks new and also gives the best experience to your customers when they come in.

The break down of cost of retail shop renovation in Singapore are as follow

Due to the online shopping frenzy, Retail shops are getting battered. But not everybody has shunned retail shops, as you can see the crowds in Singapore malls.

Electrical Services

Interior/Exterior Painting Services

Carpentry Services

Partition Services

Flooring Services

Interior Design Services

Hacking/Disposal/Dismantle Services

Cost of Shop Renovation is written here.

Retail Shop Renovation Singapore

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Branding and Identity

There are numerous reasons to renovate a shop, but one of the primary reasons is branding. The branding of a retail store is very important. What’s the point, if your store looks like any other store in the mall or the market?

Renovating a retail shop that reflects your brand’s identity and colours are important in this day and age. Our retail shop renovation services take into account the colours that you require, and your brand logo that is depicted beautifully.

If you have an online store as well, then it makes sense to paint your store with your brand colours to help customers identify your brand in the offline world as well.

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Upgrading Technologically

These days stores have modern setups and features. The way the tables and the shop is designed, it improves customer engagement, reduces space and entices the customer to purchase more. This can be

  • Interactive and moving displays
  • Customer browsing screen
  • State of the art desks and tables
  • Installing storage units for small products that take up lesser space
  • Setting up acrylic banners with replaceable prints

Reduces Cost in the Long-Run

Renovation or over-haul does not always mean ripping the store down to the bone and changing everything about it. Basic retail research suggests, small and incremental renovation is much more cost effective than one-time, full-fledged renovation.

This means, you save a lot more doing simple renovation than waiting for 5 to 6 years to do a big overhaul, by which time, your competitors would have moved much ahead.

Increasing Sales

Even when you walk into a store that is five years old, you will still see, everything looks brand new. This is one of the secrets of retail. In retail, it’s important to show class and premiums of the brand. For this reason, from every mannequin, to every table in the store should look brand new.

Research has suggested, new stores and new looking stores have an increase in sales as it invokes a positive emotion in people.

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